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As you may know, Cecily's Fund has six places in the one-mile swim at this year's Swim Serpentine. Last year was the first event - here are five great reasons why you should take the leap in 2017, swim the mile and fundraise for us!

1) It's Part of the London Marathon Family

Swim Serpentine is organised by the same team that run the UK's biggest and most successful fundraising event - the London Marathon. The Marathon has been running since 1981 and raises millions for charities every year - Swim Serpentine is just starting out, but has the same organisational powerhouse behind it. You can expect a fantastic, well-run event if you take part in Swim Serpentine on September 16.

2) Swimming Will Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

Running is the most popular activity for fundraisers, and while it's a great way to generate money it's also a familiar one. By signing up to swim a mile, you'll be doing something much less common: and that might make it a bit easier to get your friends and family to sponsor you.

3) It's Easier Than You Think

Swimming a mile outdoors can sound daunting, especially if you're not a regular swimmer. It's for that reason that you'll have to train to prepare yourself for this event. However, don't be put off - swimming a mile is definitely doable and easier than you think, as our 2016 swimmers discovered. The organisers also provide a training plan.

4) We've Got Your Back

While we can't be in the water with you on the day, Cecily's Fund can support your fundraising efforts. We'll promote your fundraising page on all of our social media channels, sharing any posts of your own. We'll also link to your page from our website, and spread the word in any other way we can. We can advise you on how best to fundraise, and we provide a fundraising pack full of helpful tips.

5) Your Fundraising Changes Lives

Every pound you can raise for Cecily's Fund by taking part in Swim Serpentine will really help us to change lives in Zambia. Just £50 is enough for us to keep a child in school for a year, and £250 can enable us to provide five small business grants - helping young people get a business off the ground and secure a vital income for themselves.

To sign up, visit this link!

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Swim Serpentine News 2

Our supporters Tim and Verity took part in the first-ever Swim Serpentine on Saturday 24 September - and so far, they've raised over £1,600 for Cecily's Fund.

Created by the minds behind the London Marathon, Swim Serpentine is a one-mile swim in the Serpentine, the lake within London's iconic Hyde Park. Cecily's sister Verity Eastwood-Dewing and Tim Cooke-Hurle agreed to take on this challenge and to raise sponsorship for our work in Zambia, taking to the water with thousands of other swimmers for this historic first event.

Tim and Verity both thoroughly enjoyed their challenging day out, and with the help of their generous donors have together reached a total of over £1,600 to help Cecily's Fund provide education in Zambia. Both of their fundraising pages are still open and accepting donations:

Thank you once again to Tim and Verity for their superb efforts, which form a part of our build-up to the 20th anniversary year of Cecily's Fund in 2017.

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 Swim Serpentine Header Sep 22B

On Saturday September 24, two intrepid Cecily's Fund supporters will take on the first-ever Swim Serpentine event, raising money for our life-changing work in Zambia.

The culmination of our Super September of fundraising events, Swim Serpentine is a new mass-participation swim created by the minds behind the London Marathon. Together with thousands of others, Cecily's sister Verity Eastwood-Dewing (pictured) and Tim Cooke-Hurle will swim one mile in the Serpentine, the lake within London's iconic Hyde Park. "I'm going to swim a mile around the Serpentine for Cecily's Fund", Tim says, "because it's a great cause that helps thousands of kids."

Verity and Tim have been training hard for this challenging event, and their fundraising has got off to a great start - together they've raised over £1,400 for Cecily's Fund; enough to train 18 our of Peer Educators, or to send around 14 children to school.

To give our swimmers some extra encouragement and to help boost their impact in Zambia, please consider sponsoring them:

Verity, Tim and Cecily's Fund would hugely appreciate your support. What we're calling Super September has already seen our co-founder cycle around Oxfordshire, supporters Kate and Marc take on the triathlon world championships in Mexico and cycle from London to Brighton, respectively. Collectively, these events have raised almost £4,000 for our work - an amazing total. Please support Verity and Tim and help us make an even bigger splash in Zambia!


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