Christmas Challenge Header 2017

In our 20-year history and with your support, Cecily's Fund has helped over 20,000 children in Zambia access the education they deserve.

We believe that education is the surest way to break the cycle of poverty: but we also know that life is challenging in Zambia even for those young people who have completed school.

This year we are aiming to raise £20,000 to continue our work in 2018 and beyond. During the campaign, we'll highlight what we're doing to help prpeare Zambia's orphaned and vulnerable children for the challenges they'll face after they have left school.

Between December 1 and 14, please support our Challenge and help us continue to make a difference in Zambia: giving children bright futures within and after school.


How We're Giving Children a Brighter #LifeAfterSchool

Peer Educator Training

Each year, Cecily's Fund trains older orphans to become Peer Educators. They give sessions on vital health information to their younger peers in schools, and act as crucial positive role models in a society where the majority of citizens are young.

Jobs are scarce in Zambia and entrepreneurship is often the best way for school eavers to secure a stable income and pursue their goals. That's why we provide business skills and grants. In this way, we help young people learn how to manage finances and create a wide range of income-generating activities that enable them to become self-sufficient and support themselves and their families.

BISO community school gives life skills training to children who are both in and outside education. These sessions help to prepare children for life after school by giving them skills in decision-making, problem solving, critical thinking, assertiveness, and leadership.

Sunshins Clubs offer a wide variety of activities which help orphaned and vulnerable children ready themselves for life after school. There are music, sport and drama sessions as well as help with homework and exam preparation. In 2016, over 350 orphans attended and benefited from Sunshine Clubs.