Founded in 1998, we have helped over 50,000 orphans and children access education and training to help reduce inequalities and enable them to a better and more hopeful future.  

Our work has expanded into local communities, and we now also work directly with parents, women, and carers, to complete a circle of care that wraps around the key points in a vulnerable child’s life, ensuring that they can grow into adulthood with the support they need to thrive.

When Cecily’s Fund formed, HIV/AIDS was prevalent across Zambia leaving 1 in 5 children  orphaned and vulnerable. Many were left alone to cope as child-headed households and the poorest children were not able to attend school, because education was not free. 

Central to our ethos is that access to education can be a route out of poverty, providing greater opportunities and life skills to help improve futures. Initially we helped orphans and vulnerable children in Kitwe and Lusaka go to school by contributing to school fees and providing practical support with books, shoes, and uniforms. Now, our work includes strengthening the communities where children live. We develop and implement programmes that support children from early years through to young adulthood and work with mothers and carers to improve livelihoods through education, training, business development, health, and youth citizenship. 

In 2022 Cecily’s Fund also began to work with rural communities in Luansobe where it is a rural economy and traditions and poverty are deeply rooted. Schools are in hard to reach areas with little or no resources. Our 25 years’ experience helps to shape new programmes for these hard-to-reach communities where little external support exists

The challenges we faced 25 years ago remain. HIV prevalence remains high; violence against women is common and opportunities are few; 18% of children are orphans, and it remains a country of youth where over half the population is under 25.

Cecily’s Fund’s youth-led approach to development, helps children and young people to develop as individuals and contribute to Zambia’s future. Through education, training, life-skills and strengthening communities, we are able to provide sustainable solutions that help lead the way out of poverty, empowering young people and communities to build better futures. 

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